Therapeutic Outdoor Programs

We offer innovative therapeutic outdoor programming to achieve a variety of outcomes for families, military veterans, and youth – including rehabilitation, reintegration, diversion, and more. Through our own programs and in collaboration with partners like Wounded Warrior Project, Indiana National Guard Survivor Outreach Services, and the Indiana Department of Children's Services, we serve hundreds of youth, military families, and veterans each year.

Climbing club is now enrolling local youth!

Thanks to generous funding from the National Recreation Foundation, the Community Foundation of Monroe County, and other funders, we're happy to announce we'll be offering our Climbing Club program to local adolescents for free each spring and fall. This program uses climbing to help adolescents develop physical skills, build emotional resiliency, and create meaningful relationships.

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The Survivors Transition and Resilience Retreats (STARR), operated through the Indiana National Guard, brought military survivor families to Bradford Woods for a weekend respite.


Project Wolf

Project Wolf is a strength-based family program that focuses on building resiliency within family units through adventure therapy and equine-facilitated learning. Project Wolf is funded through the Indiana Department of Children’s Services and is open to all families, but ideally serves families with an adolescent on probation. The child and a guardian meet at Bradford Woods for 13 weeks while engaging in purposeful outdoor programming provided by our facilitators and Agape Therapeutic Riding. Sessions run in the spring, summer, and fall.

Family Battle Buddies

Family Battle Buddies is a proprietary program at Bradford Woods that focuses on building resiliency among post-deployment veteran families. Families stay in the Manor House for a weekend while engaging in creative, purposeful programming provided by Bradford Woods and Agape Therapeutic Riding. We have partnered with the Indiana National Guard, the Wounded Warrior Project, and IU Veteran and Military Services to provide these weekends to veteran families at little or no cost.

Partner Programs

We partner with a variety of organizations and departments to provide customized therapeutic outdoor experiences to veterans, first responders, families, and more. Recent partners include Indy Parks, Victory Lane Camp, the Indiana Center for Recovery, and more. If you're interested in therapeutic outcomes for your group, contact Jordan McIntire at 765-349-5104 or at 

Thank you for all the wonderful memories you helped to provide us during our stay... you encouraged us to trust ourselves and each other and helped us build bonds when many of us didn't believe they could be built again.

Mililtary & Family program participant