Agape Lodge

Accommodates up to 20 people
Chairs and tables available
Fireplace and sofas

Explore Agape Lodge

Baxter Dining Hall

Accommodates up to 200 people
Chairs and tables available
Features picture windows and skylights

Explore Baxter Dining Hall

Carr Center

Accommodates 20 to 75 people
Built-in audio-visual system
Flexible seating arrangements available

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Cross Keys Inn

Accommodates up to 80 people
Built-in projection screen
Chairs and tables available

Explore Cross Keys Inn

Griffith Hall

Accommodates 15 to 60 people
Overlooks our 110-acre lake
Typically set with round tables for six people

Explore Griffith Hall

Interpretive Center

Accommodates up to 40 people
Altium Sensory Garden
Bird watching areas
Chairs and tables available
Overlooks our 110-acre lake

Explore Interpretive Center

Manor House

Accommodates up to 40 people
Conference room
Dining room
Living room

Explore Manor House

Overnight and Weekends

We’re just a short drive from Bloomington and Indianapolis with a beautiful place to relax and reconnect with nature.

 Learn more about our lodging options

Stay together in our comfortable and cozy buildings.

Agape Lodge—sleeps up to 17 people
Basswood—sleeps 2 people
Baxter Cottage—sleeps 4 to 8 people
Foust Center—sleeps up to 6 people
Manor House—sleeps up to 29 people
Ryan Cottage—sleeps up to 11 people
Wolf House—sleeps up to 16 people


Our cabins offer dormitory style sleeping arrangements.

Baxter Cabins—sleeps up to 108 people
Griffith Cabins—sleeps up to 44 people
Lilly Cabins—sleeps up to 44 people

Schedule your retreat today!  Please include your dates, desired location, and anticipated group size.
If you have questions, call us at 765-342-2915, or send an email to