Coronavirus Updates

March 2021 Announcement

Thank you for your continued interest in Bradford Woods. With the safety and well-being of our guests in mind, we have made the decision to not host any program, camp, or event that includes an overnight accommodation.  We expect but cannot be certain that this will remain in place through July.  Any camp with a medical element, whether a day-camp or one including an overnight accommodation will also not be hosted through at least July.

As part of Indiana University, Bradford Woods is fortunate to have the guidance of public health and medical professionals, who are closely monitoring our state’s positive progress toward fighting COVID-19. As the number of individuals vaccinated continues to climb, we are hopeful that public health circumstances will allow us to resume overnight and medical programming at some point later this year.

We will be reaching out to those who already have an event planned with us to discuss options for rescheduling, format modification or refund. 

Interested in how we could still hold your event while ensuring the safety and well-being of your participants?  We welcome a chance to discuss our many activities, programs, and events for daytime experiences. Bradford Woods has a wealth of fun and exciting opportunities such as daytime summer camps that include fishing, swimming, climbing, hiking, and more and open recreation days to bring the family and enjoy the day. We hope that you will consider these possibilities.

We are available and open to booking non-medical, day events and, as always, we greatly appreciate your continued support.   

Our Response to COVID-19

We are pleased to welcome groups back to Bradford Woods. As part of reopening, we have enacted new policies and practices, including reduced facility capacities, mandates for physical distancing and wearing masks, and extra sanitization. Booking requests for events with more than 25 guests will be reviewed by Indiana University prior to confirmation.

We believe shared outdoor experiences can continue be powerful transformative forces for our groups and will work to maintain our high level of programs while keeping all of our guests and staff members safe. To that end, we've come up with new ways of facilitating outdoor experiences that minimize physical contact, have updated our food service to provide grab 'n go options, and plan to maximize use of our outdoor space. We will continue to monitor local guidelines and provide updates of changes on this webpage as we navigate COVID-19. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Safeguards & Best Practices

In the midst of COVID-19, and with the assistance and guidance of Indiana University and the American Camp Association, we have put the following guidelines into place for all events at Bradford Woods until further notice. We expect all groups to help keep participants safe by complying with these guidelines. Additionally, every guest will be asked to sign a waiver before or on arrival regarding the risks related to COVID-19.

  1. Masks and Physical Distancing. All group members should wear masks in common indoor areas and in those instances in which maintaining 6-foot physical distancing is not possible. The use of masks outdoors and when able to be more than six feet apart is encouraged, but not required. Certain Bradford Woods activities will require masks as they necessitate close contact with staff members and/or other participants. Staff will operate activities in a way that minimizes physical contact. We ask that each group brings their own face masks. Per IU Environmental Health guidance, we ask that guests do not use a bandana, gaiter, scarf, or similar improvised covering in place of a mask. If there is a medical reason a participant needs to use an alternative (e.g., a face shield), please let us know. If needed, Bradford Woods has a supply of facemasks available we can provide for participants (as long as our supply lasts).
  2. Cleaning and Sanitization. Extra cleaning and sanitization supplies will be available in each facility, and groups are asked to liberally clean and sanitize throughout their stay using the available hand sanitizer, sanitizer spray, and wipes, as well as through thorough hand washing. Our staff members will enter into all reserved facilities once per day to provide extra sanitization, including the disinfection of high-touch surfaces including sinks, mirrors, toilets, urinals, partitions, and other surfaces. Groups are also encouraged to sanitize these on their own
  3. Water Bottles. Please have each member of the group bring their own water bottle for filling and drinking during the duration of the stay. Additional water bottles are available for purchase in our trading post. Water fountains will be turned off but water filling stations are available.
  4. Screening. Staff and guests should conduct their own routine screenings prior to and during their visit. Anyone exhibiting a fever greater than 100.4 degrees F or who has other symptoms concurent with COVID-19 should remain isolated and not come to Bradford Woods.
  5. “Households.” To minimize the opportunity for a contagion to spread, groups participating in Bradford Woods activities or facilitation will use a “household” model, in which the same small group of participants stays together for the duration of the stay. Contact with other “households” and with staff moving between groups will be minimized in order to minimize the chance of viral spread.
  6. Updated Facility Capacities. Due to physical distancing requirements, the maximum occupancy of cabins, meeting spaces, and other lodges has been reduced. Certain beds may be marked off for non-use, and others will be marked with a sleeping direction that maximizes distancing between occupants. Barriers have been installed between other beds to ensure safe sleep. Tables and chairs will also be set up to promote appropriate physical distancing. Please help us keep you safe by respecting these boundaries and minimizing risk. See chart of updated capacities below.
  7. Food Service. We will still provide food service for groups, and our food service staff take extra precautions through the use of PPE and liberal cleaning and sanitization to keep food preparation safe. Seating in dining halls will be set up in a manner conducive to physical distancing – please do not rearrange. All meals will be served “grab and go” style until further notice, and some menu items may be limited. Please contact our Food Service Manager to arrange your menu and food service options.
  8. Family Events. Family units are exempt from physical distancing and mask requirements amongst themselves, including for sleeping and eating, provided that appropriate physical distancing and mask procedures are maintained between separate family units.
  9. COVID-19 Symptoms. In the event that a member of your group begins to show symptoms consistent with COVID-19 during your visit, please contact your group coordinator immediately to initiate response plans. We will work with IU Environmental Health and Safety to isolate that person and potentially others. The person(s) exhibiting symptoms may be asked to leave property to prevent the potential spread of infection. If any of your group members develop COVID-19 symptoms for up to two weeks after returning from a Bradford Woods event, please contact us immediately.

Bradford Woods took a great deal of precaution considering everything having to do with COVID-19. I can honestly say that (they) made our participants feel safe and welcomed. Our participants were able to see first hand the amount of care and diligence that went into ensuring that all COVID-19 precautions were taken care of in a professional and safe manner.

- August 2020 Guest Group